• Jasen Betts: Bash shell bugs

    From Steven Petruzzellis@110:300/11 to All on Thu Mar 29 17:10:13 2018
    How is a universal consciousness tied to the intelligence of a turnip in an=
    y way going to lead to enlightened newsgroup posting?=20

    Gee, imagine Autumn Elizabeth Nissen trying to pin his hot air on Jasen Bet= ts, no one has ever seen that before.=20

    You _do_ realize that the massive floods ending up in multiple groups start=
    ed out when Autumn Elizabeth Nissen was quoted lying. Jasen Betts's compute=
    r has more hard drives than Autumn Elizabeth Nissen's. Jasen Betts wins. Au= tumn Elizabeth Nissen loses. Which gives Jasen Betts better productivity, e= fficiency, and error-reduction.=20

    Can you get over it? It was Autumn Elizabeth Nissen who got busted using un= told numbers of accounts for years, and these are 'people' who come clearly=
    out of the blue immediately into threads where he was getting his ass hand=
    ed to him... over and over for years.=20

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