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    From Steven Petruzzellis@110:300/11 to All on Thu Mar 29 23:45:12 2018
    BTW, I've already told him that his use of "cult-like" to describe knowledg= able posters is ad hominem, since he's likening them to mindless automatons=
    .. Sandman lies. Here is a list of names Jonas Eklundh has admitted he attri= butes to Craig 'Super Troll' Wiita "Cactus Pete", "Donald", "Donald Miller"=
    , "Horace McSwain", "Hymen", "meat", "Mike Weaver", "Modena IV Drid", "Omar=
    Murad Asfour", "Rhino Plastee", "Soapy", "SopwithCamel", "Sunny Day", "Tak= uya Saitoh", "The Letter Q", "tmelmosfire", "zevon". Being an open format a=
    s it is, the listserv concept will never go away but it'll never be my cup =
    of tea.=20

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