• Chris Ahlstrom: Gotta' Love KDE fun fun fun

    From Steven Petruzzellis@110:300/11 to All on Fri Mar 30 10:23:51 2018
    Too much glue for you, Gluehead.

    I think the point is not really to get innocent posters to listen to him. The point is likely to piss me off for spraying outside groups he knows I frequent.
    Ending support for 16 bit apps is what it comes down to.

    Out-and-out bunk by an uneducated, tall-tale telling, Machiavellian, co-trolling moron who could not be sincere even if you paid him to. It was chrisv who flooded Chris Ahlstrom's site thousands of times and pretended he did not do it.

    You can say I am Madonna for all I care.

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