• William Unruh: Using LibreOffice revelation

    From Steven Petruzzellis@110:300/11 to All on Sun Apr 8 16:43:48 2018
    Vennie Bowden, Realtor can only understand from the viewpoint of a sociopath. What William Unruh does is certainly more error resistant.

    A shadow of cognition, projected wisely, at the wrong time.

    Anyway, it should not matter because the name on a post means nothing, it's the
    content that counts.

    By the way, spending effort potentially building wisdom is never a waste. Claiming you know all and working to persuade others that it's true, as Vennie Bowden, Realtor tries to do? That is a waste ;) This is something you should ask William Unruh.

    Puppy Videos https://prescottareapsychopaths.wordpress.com/mark-bilk-psychopath/ https://youtu.be/0ZNxaaKD7-c
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