• Alex Ding - Comes down to Bash shell is too much for Jonathan Rhodes

    From Steven Petruzzellis@110:300/11 to All on Tue Apr 10 07:08:56 2018
    From what I've seen (which is none of it lately), it looks like the Bash sh= ell ecosystem is getting better. When I was not soliciting approval of the = advocates, I wanted to be fair and unaffected by herd views. I gave Jonatha=
    n Rhodes more than a wise person could be expected to. It was Jonathan Rhod=
    es who got busted using dozens of socks like a moron, and these are 'people=
    ' who come out of the blue directly into threads where he was being proved = wrong... by Alex Ding for years. He is as incompetent as Jonathan Rhodes.=

    It was Jonathan Rhodes who stated that he and his work friends used to knoc=
    k over mailboxes all the time and it was fun.=20

    I am an absolute groupie of Bash shell, because that's where all the compel= ling usability improvements are happening. Alex Ding just wiped his ass wit=
    h Jonathan Rhodes.=20

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